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The Hallstatt culture was the predominant Western and Central European culture of Early Iron Age Europe from the 8th to 6th centuries BC, developing out of the Urnfield culture of the 12th century BC (Late Bronze Age) and followed in much of its area by the La Tène culture.

It is commonly associated with Proto-Celtic and Celtic populations in the Western Hallstatt zone and with (pre-)Illyrians in the eastern Hallstatt zone.

The "pjo" project contains scripts and documentation for packaging and releasing jedit and its plugins.

We reconstructed the geological evolution and the history of the fluvial network in the central part of the Po Plain in Lombardy, northern Italy, since the Middle Würm.

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a methodology for validating software product metrics

Usually, you can add, update, and remove plugins from a working installation of j Edit by using the bundled Plugin Manager.

Parts of Britain and Iberia are included in the ultimate expansion of the culture.

The culture was based on farming, but metal-working was considerably advanced, and by the end of the period long-range trade within the area and with Mediterranean cultures was economically significant.

The CAMP volcanic eruptions occurred about 201 million years ago and split into four pulses lasting for over ~600,000 years.

The resulting large igneous province is, in area covered, the most extensive on earth.

Morphometric analysis and stratigraphic investigation were carried out, supported by palaeobotany, sand petrography and radiometric dating.