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We received match notifications but we didn't think much of it.However, one day we randomly started chatting," says Mwiza.The Day Kayibanda Insisted On Ethnic Balancing, And Threatened Repression On Trouble-Makers The first document I am posting today is about President Gregoire Kayibanda’s repression and ethnic balancing in schools, as summed up by the American embassy in Kigali.KAYIBANDA STATEMENT ON RECENT TROUBLESIN HIS FIRST PUBLIC PRONOUNCEMENT ON RWANDA’S RECENT TROUBLES, PRESIDENT KAYIBANDA ISSUED STATEMENT READ ON RADIO MARCH 23.Here you can learn about the policies and programs that have contributed to Rwanda’s development, view photos dating back almost a century and watch the latest videos on Rwanda’s Home Grown Solutions - a set of development programs inspired by traditional culture and practice.Rwandapedia is an open platform where anyone, anywhere around the world, can instantly access accurate and up-to-date information at no cost.

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And yet if we do not know the past, we won’t shape the future while avoiding previous historical disasters of which there are many.1.Professor Yashpal Ghai, a Kenyan legal expert, argued that freedom of speech has been widely suppressed, the judiciary has "serious weaknesses" and political freedom is curtailed."We believe that overwhelming evidence, conveniently ignored by leading Commonwealth states, demonstrates that the government of Rwanda is not sufficiently committed to the protection of human rights and to democracy," he wrote in a report for the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative. Rwandapedia breaks new ground by collecting in one place the documents, images, videos and audio recordings that together tell the story of Rwanda's development.

Funded by the African Development Bank, the project showcases advances across the social, economic and governance sectors as well as key cultural and historical events in Rwanda.

Ties between the two countries have been strained since the 1994 genocide owing to Kigali's accusation that French forces trained extremist Hutu militia that carried out the killings, but Paris has repeatedly denied the charge.