Validating xml schema net

07-Aug-2016 03:59

Is there some reason it has been implemented this way?

Thanks, Adam My guess is this will allow you to ignore certain errors.

That xmlns attribute specifies a "default namespace" and means that the root element and its children are in this namespace.

What i misunderstood is that, there's no way with the DOM api to specify a "default namespace" for each children of the root element.

Dropping validation code is a common practice that isn't much different from removing debug information when you're ready to ship any Windows application.

But when you develop XML applications, some exceptions make data validation necessary every time a piece of code is called to action.

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This validator does not download any DTD or schema files, but relies on its own ones.

Following is the code snippet: [Web Method] public String Method(String input String) Is there a way to validate the Input String on a xsd file to make sure all the elements contents are available in the input to be used for as parameters to the stored proc.