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Bridgit Mendler is a popular American singer-songwriter and actress.

She began her acting career with the animated film ‘The Legend of Buddha’ and has since starred in several films such as ‘Labor Pains’ and ‘Alice Upside Down’.

Bridgit Mendler, who is known for her sweet and lovely dimples, is an actress, singer and songwriter from United States.

She is mainly popular in the world for starring the role of Teddy Duncan in the TV movie Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! Bridgit Mendler was born as Bridgit Claire Mendler in Washington, D.

[Intro] Boy, you make me flip See your passing ship Sail right up to me again, again Boy, where have you been? Let's meet at the library Okay [Verse 1] Saw you from over a shoulder in the corner With a bunch of peeps that go to the high school I remember when we were in the yellow building, never friends Same hair and the same old crew Light blue, neon glowing, tippy toeing Try to spy without you knowing [Chorus] Boy, you make me flip I see your passing ship Sail right up to me again Boy, where have you been? Let's meet at the library, the library, boy Oh, let's meet there, okay?

Okay [Verse 2] Midnight, room is filling, something spilled And that's my phone that landed in it The highlights Where you been, what ya doing?

Since then, she has been landing roles both locally and in Los Angeles. She also played Kristen Gregory in the movie The Clique that year, and co-starred with Lindsay Lohan in the movie Labor Pains.

Mendler also works with several non-profit organisations and other humanitarian causes.

She has worked closely with foundations and philanthropy projects like ‘First Book’, ‘Give With Target’ ‘Save the Children’ and ‘Delete Digital Drama’.

Mendler was a recurring character on Wizards of Waverly Place as Juliet. It was there where she first expressed interest in acting and began working in plays.

She landed a San Francisco agent when she was 11 years old.She became a singer-songwriter with the film ‘Lemonade Mouth’ and released two singles subsequently which found a place in the ‘US Billboard Hot 100’ songs.